Not Too Black…Not Too White…But Just Right!

Hi my lovelies!

After an amazing couple of days attending charity events, parties and work, I was determined to bring something new. Speaking of new, Have you ever had those days where you want to go out on the town but it feels like you’ve already wore everything in the closet? Well that was my current situation. I didn’t want to wear black because it seemed to be the “go to” color for the past couple of days and God forbids if I spilled red wine on my clothes, that white wouldn’t look too flattering. Just when I was about to turn my closet upside down looking for that “it” outfit, the door bell rung. I opened the door and there he was. Not so attractive, short and stocky with a package for me. Yes, I’m talking about the mailman. Filled with excitement I quickly opened up the package. Its as if there was a Fashion God looking down on me and sent me something new to wear at the right time. It wasn’t all black nor was it white; it was the perfect shade of gray with beautiful details in front. I added a sleeveless trench coat just to give it a little contrast and style. In no time I was out the door.


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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I'm Faby, a thirty something year old fashion and style enthusiast who believes we were all born to be a Fabulous 1. So put on your best outfit and rock your inner fabulous. Thank you for dropping by!

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