Dress or Not Dress

The other day while I was out on the town, I got approached by people (mainly women) complementing me on my top or my flared skirt and where did I buy it. I politely smiled and said, “Thank you but it’s actually a dress”. This beauty has the tendency to get people fooled. If you think its a top and a beautiful printed flared skirt, well think again.
I love the prints on the bottom half and the floral laced accents on the top half. I can see why one would think it’s two garments instead of one. This dress is super light and comfortable which makes it a great outfit for the upcoming summer season. I added my own flavor to it by wearing fishnet stockings with closed toe heels, a wide belt and my favorite Birkin bag.
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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I'm Faby, a thirty something year old fashion and style enthusiast who believes we were all born to be a Fabulous 1. So put on your best outfit and rock your inner fabulous. Thank you for dropping by!

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