Nothing but a Shirt On

Happy Friday Lovelies!
How nice would it be to just roll out of bed, throw on a shirt and call it a day? For me, it would be perfect. I can literally live in a shirt or should I say, a shirtdress everyday and be happy.
     One might ask, what is a shirtdress? A shirtdress resemble the same characteristics of a man’s shirt but longer in length. Shirtdresses are typically soft and light which makes it great for warmer seasons like spring and summer. If you live in a subtropical or tropical climate like my home state of Florida, then your wardrobe definitely craves a shirtdress.
     One of the best parts about the shirtdress is it’s versatile. You can dress it up or down and still look super stylish. In my case, I chose the chic look and dressed it up with clear heels, a long statement necklace and a mini Chanel bag.
     Overall, a shirtdress is super comfortable and a great investment to your wardrobe.
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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I'm Faby, a thirty something year old fashion and style enthusiast who believes we were all born to be a Fabulous 1. So put on your best outfit and rock your inner fabulous. Thank you for dropping by!

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