7 Style Tips for Trending Fashionistas This Fall (by Peter Minkoff)



The temperatures are finally starting to cool, and the heat of summer is becoming a little less oppressive. To some, the coming of fall means that all the fun is over. No more vacations and cute summer clothing, now comes the rain and the wind. But to others, fall is the time of pumpkin spice lattes, beautiful warm colors, fun Halloween costumes, tall boots and fuzzy sweaters. It’s also a great opportunity to start wearing cute new clothes and create outfits that are dripping with style regardless of the weather.


Style summer pieces for fall weather

Have a favourite summer dress that you’re going to miss during the cold months? Why not prolong its wear time by slipping on a denim jacket and a pair of ankle boots? Your silky blouses can be worn at the office under a blazer, and your light-wash jeans can still be rocked with some dark sweaters and plaid shirts to give your outfit a contrast.


Trench coats and jackets for the transition


Fall and early spring can have that very odd weather where it’s neither hot, nor really cold. Luckily, trench coats or trendy women’s jackets can save the day. You want something classic and made of light materials, something that you can easily fold and put into your bag in case the sun decides to come out. Elegance lies in simplicity, so grab yourself a cool new jacket that you can easily style with your outfits and that’s going to be the centrepiece of your fall wardrobe.


Time for sexy boots

How do you go from drab to dripping with sex appeal in zero point two seconds? Wear boots! Boots are pretty much the best thing about fall. Get long, sexy knee high boots that you can wear over your skinny jeans, and get cute little comfortable ankle boots in warm brown color to complement just about any outfit.


Old scarves worn in new ways


Wrapping your scarf around your neck haphazardly can look pretty cute, but why not give your outfits some flair? Silken scarves are great substitute hairbands, and you can even tie them around the handles of your purse and give your big old black bag an interesting visual detail. Here are some ways to wear a scarf to make this fall more fun.


Knit sweaters as outwear

Get an oversized, warm, woollen knit sweater, the kind that looks like a gift from your grandma (even better, ask your grandma to knit you one). These sweaters look big and ungainly, so we’re usually afraid to wear them, but they actually work amazingly well if worn instead of jackets and coats. Take a big belt to cinch it at the waist and give yourself a better silhouette, wear your tightest skinny jeans, and walk down the street with a cup of warm coffee – you’ll look like you’re on a shoot for a new fall/winter collection.


Protect your ears from the cold

cold ear.png

Knit beanies will protect your head from the cold, and help keep you away from getting sick. Fedoras and big felt hats are also really cool options, but if you want something that’s really bold go for a Russian fur hat (it’s called an “ushanka”). Excellent for late fall, and perfect for the ladies who know their fashion. Paired best with long, woollen coats, or form-fitting knit sweaters with a warm vest over them. If you hate the way hats mess up your hair, then opt for fuzzy ear muffs and make sure you have gloves to match.

A hint of edgy with fishnets

You can still wear short skirts and shorts, just pair them with the right stockings. Put on denim shorts with fishnets and slip on a leather jacket and you instantly have a real rocker chic look on your hands. A little black dress, fishnets and a pair of stilettos will make you look sexy, or wear them with combat boots and ripped jeans for something edgier.

Fall is coming, and with it we have new, exciting fashion on our hands. Use the last days of summer to soak up the sun, and then when the time comes, pour yourself a cup of your favourite hot beverage and get ready to rock some new looks.


Written by Peter Minkoff. Peter is a beauty and fashion editor Ivania’s Mode magazine, living between London and Brisbane, Australia. Beside writing he’s a total designer clothing shoppin’ devotee. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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