Transition Time

The joys of cooler weather, leaves slowly changing color and the sweet feeling of Fall on the horizon. Wait a minute! Who am I kidding? I live in Florida and that means it’s green all year and the harsh humility is enough to bake a potato. However, it doesn’t stop my imagination of transitioning to Fall weather outfits.


Recently, I’ve fell in love with different shades of green like olive and army. This color is a great choice to slowly transition from light and bright Summer colors to darker Fall colors. That’s why this outfit is a great way to help with the transition from Summer to Fall.


For instance, I wore these skinny jeans with a black tank top and a moto hoodie jacket. I also accessorized it to my liking for a more street style look.






With the same pair of jeans and accessories, why not tie a light sweater over the shoulders for a more European chic look.




Quite honestly this is my favorite look because it’s very classic. Best of all once you get a little chilly, simply put the sweater on and go on with your day.




Now time to dust off my booties and over-the-knee boots for some fun in Fall…in my imagination of course. πŸ˜ƒ


Shop the look ❀️

Skinny jeans (similar look):Β
Hooded Denim Moto Jacket:Β
Sweater (similar look):Β
Shoes (similar look):Β
Sunglasses (similar look):Β

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