A Touch Of Leopard Print

Hi Friends,

Every year, I’ve noticed leopard print raving the covers and pages of top fashion magazines and making a buzz on runways all over the world. As I scroll down my Instagram feed, I can’t help but admire all the lovely leopard prints on handbags, coats, blouses and cute little booties.




Today, I decided to rock faux leather black pants, plain sleeveless top with a leopard print coat similar to this one. There’s something quite animalistic and exotic chic whenever I throw a pieces of leopard print on. I love the bold and over the top glamour look. 





In my opinion, I think leopard print is perfect for Fall, evening out with the girls or that special someone. Leopard print is a definite MUST-HAVE. Add red lipstick and instantly it intensify the outfit to a fierce and fabulous look.




Until next time friends, stay FABULOUS! 


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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I'm Faby, a thirty something year old fashion and style enthusiast who believes we were all born to be a Fabulous 1. So put on your best outfit and rock your inner fabulous. Thank you for dropping by!

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